BDS International Diagnostics GmbH

The out-sourced international sales office


About BDS

BDS International Diagnostics GmbH is a company dedicated to representing innovative IVD companies with new technologies and to supporting their penetration of the international in-vitro diagnostic markets. Our focus is on the markets of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (the EMEA region).

BDS helps to 'Bridge the Gap' between operating as a start-up enterprise with limited personnel and financial resources and becoming an established 'international player' in the IVD world.

From pre-launch market research of the current testing paradigms, competitive environments, and reimbursement challenges, through the search for and selection of appropriately-qualified distribution partners through to on-going management of the EMEA distribution network to achieve annual sales goals, BDS functions just as if the Client were to establish his own corporate and commercial presence and staff it with experienced professionals. The advantage is that the Client need not make the substantial investment to establish his own commercial sales offices; the BDS Team is paid on a fee-for-services and commission basis.

Please note that BDS is not a distributor; we are 'The Out-Sourced International Sales Office' for our Clients, dedicated to helping manufacturers of in-vitro diagnostics to distribute their products in Europe, the Middle-East, Africa, and India.